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  1. Search by item, category or date on the home page or explore activities through our category tiles below. You may also select any of our location cards to search by location.
  2. Select the dates you are looking to rent for.
  3. Narrow your search by selecting the dates you are looking to rent.
  4. Browse through our selection of items from our local Rental Partners
  5. Select the listing you are interested in renting.
  6. Review the dates and select the pick up and drop off times.
  7. A request to reserve will be sent to the Rental Partner for approval.
  8. Once you have reviewed the details of the reservation, you can click “Reserve” on the listing.
  9. Once confirmed you are all set! You will be sent a confirmation email with the pick up and drop off time and location to get set for your adventure!

  • You can contact the Rental Partner by clicking “Contact Rental Partner” within their listing page
  • If you have an existing reservation: you can go to your Account , find your reservation and click on the “Contact Rental Partner” button. This will open up a messaging box for you to write and send your message.

Pick up and drop off dates and times will be selected when you request to reserve. These details along with the location for pick up and drop off will be listed on your reservation. Simply pick up on the day of your reservation to start your adventure!

Click on your icon on the top right corner and a dropdown menu will appear. Select “Dashboard”, then select “Your Rented Items” to see your current, upcoming and past reservations. Select the reservation you would like to modify or cancel and click “More Details”. If you are modifying, please cancel then rebook the reservation. If you would like to cancel, under “More Details” select “Cancel Booking”. If you choose to cancel your reservation, please review your cancellation policy. Based on the cancellation policy of the item on your reservation, you may be entitled to a refund.

Super simple! At the panel on the top of your page, select "Join Rentales". This will bring you to our Sign Up page where we just need a little more information to help get you started. With one simple click you can sign up with your Facebook or Gmail. If you would like to use your email, simply fill out the short form, verify your email and you’re in! We can’t wait to meet you!

We accept all credit card payments.

Absolutely! We work closely with Stripe (our payment provider) to ensure we are using the best in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 . This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. We strive to ensure your payments are safe so you can experience more.

After your booking is confirmed, 24 hours prior to your booking start date, we will charge your selected payment method. The charge will include the rental, service fee and deposit (if required by the Rental Partner). Upon safe return of the item, the deposit will be refunded back to your account. Please allow several days for this refund to reflect on your account.

For reservations requiring security deposits, an authorization hold on your payment method will be placed 48 hours before your reservation begins. You will not be charged. This is simply places a hold, meaning you temporarily will not be able to access these funds until the hold is released. As long as no damage occurs during your rental period and the item is returned on time, the security deposit hold on your credit card will be released. This will happen up to 7 days after return date.
If we are unable to place a hold for the security deposit, your reservation may be subject to cancellation. We recommend making sure the sufficient funds are available and a valid payment method is selected to avoid cancellations. In the case where we are unable to hold the security deposit funds, we will notify your email and you will have 12 hours to update your payment method. If we are still unable to place the hold, your reservation will be automatically cancelled and you’ll be refunded minus the service fee. Please allow some extra time for the refund to show up in your account.

Our fees have two different fee structures split by Renters and Rental Partners.

Renters service fee:
This fee is 14% of the booking subtotal (not including taxes). This helps support our small business so we can continue innovating the rental experience for you!

Rental Partner service fee:
This fee is 8% and helps to cover service fees from our secure payment provider.

In the case of a damaged item, Rentales must be notified within 48 hours of return date. If the item is insured, the Rental Partner will work with our insurance provider (Duuo) to submit a claim through our site. If there is a security deposit on the item, we will require the Rental Partner to submit images of the damages and Rentales will determine the cost of damages and charge that amount to the Renter’s security deposit.

In the case of a lost item, Rentales must be notified within 48 hours of return date. If the item is insured, the Rental Partner will work with our insurance provider (Duuo) to submit a claim through our site. If there is a security deposit on the item, Rentales will determine the cost of the item based on information provided and charge the Renter’s security deposit.

If the item is returned after the end date and time, the Owner must report the late return to Rentales immediately by selecting “Late Return” on the reservation within the Bookings page. For each day the item is not returned, Rentales will charge 2X the daily rate. After 3 days we will deem the item to be lost or stolen and contact the necessary authorities.

We are currently only in Canada. We would love to hear where you would like us to expand in our feedback section!

Rentales is a combination of the words “Rent” and “Tales”. Many of our most memorable moments came from times when we’re on a new adventure.

We’re building a community of curious like-minded individuals interested in sharing their well...interests! By renting instead of buying not only are we reducing waste but we save money allowing us to experience more. Our passion is to help you write your own tale of experiences by connecting you to rental items that’ll get your adventure started!

Usually on these new adventures we rented the gear we needed and thus, Rentales was born!

Commonly listed items on Rentales include sporting equipment, skis, snowboards, tents, cameras, and other hobby equipment. You can always browse the Rentales marketplace to see what kind of items are in demand. Please refrain from listing any prohibited items listed in our Terms & Conditions.

  1. First set up your direct deposit information in your Account Settings.
  2. Earnings are calculated on a monthly basis (from the first day to the last day of the month).
  3. Each earnings cycle is paid to you via direct deposit on the 7th of each month.
  4. Note that some banks take additional time to process the deposit.

We recommend insuring all your listed items through our third-party insurance insurance partner Duuo. Please click here for more information on Duuo’s coverage.

  1. Take photos of the damaged item and report it to us through the booking management portal within 24 hours of booking end.
  2. If the item cannot be used for your next booking, please cancel the affected bookings and select the “item damaged” reason for your cancellation.
  3. If your item was insured, please Sign into your Duuo account to submit your claim.
  4. If your item was not insured but required a security deposit, our team will review your claim

  1. Immediately report the item stolen in the booking details page and our team will contact you.
  2. Please report the item as stolen to your local law enforcement.
  3. We will immediately cancel all future bookings for this listing.
  4. If your item was insured, please Sign into your Duuo account to submit your claim.
  5. If your item requires a security deposit, you will receive the full security deposit upon our review.

  1. Go to the booking details page and click the “Cancel this reservation” button.
  2. You will be prompted to select the reason for this cancellation.
  3. Please only consider cancelling a reservation if the item is unavailable and a suitable replacement cannot be used.
  4. Rentales may charge a fee for the cancellation.
  5. Multiple cancellations may prevent you from listing on our website in the future.

  1. Take multiple pictures of your item in a brightly lit area, natural lighting works the best!
  2. Be descriptive in your item details and share the key features
  3. Use a flexible cancellation policy to attract more people
  4. Make sure the item is cleaned between bookings
  5. Promptly respond to customer questions and try to provide the best service possible! Listings with an average rating above 4 stars are more likely to be rented.

As a Rental Partner, we recommend you to include taxes in the item price you list as it will be your responsibility to remit the taxes from your rental revenue. Rentales does not charge GST, HST or PST to the renter on behalf of the Rental Partner. We will provide the Rental Partner the sales and transaction data to assist with your remittance.

For Renters, the total amount you pay at check out will already include tax based on your location.